Master Wu's Yijing blessing cards

Yijing blessing cards


12 Animals & Yijing blessing cards

WoMingZaiWoBuZaiTian 我命在我不在天

My life is in my hands and is not controlled by fate

For thousands of years, the essence of ancient Chinese philosophy has held that life is not merely controlled by fate or karma. Through mindfulness and effort, we have the ability to shape our destiny and achieve true autonomy. Understanding the 12 fundamental energies of the Chinese calendar, the 12 organs and meridians of the body, the 12 Chinese animal symbols, and the related 12 spiritual hexagrams of the Yijing will help you find your inner peace and live in harmony with your family, your community and with Nature.

This set of 12 blessing cards may be used to commemorate any special occassion, to welcome in the Chinese New Year, to lend support during times of challenge, as a healing talisman, as a tool for your cultivation or divination practice, to optimize the Fengshui of your home or office space, and more.

Master Zhongxian Wu uses the traditions of the ancient Chinese healing arts to energize the characters in his calligraphy. Each card is enlivened or “charged” with a direct infusion of the Qi 氣 he has developed through decades of internal cultivation.

The individually wrapped blessing cards are printed in full color on fine linen card stock with matching linen envelopes. Each card features one of the 12 Chinese animals in Master Wu's potent oracle bone talisman style calligraphy and its' related spiritual hexagram. The corresponding quote from the Yijing (I Ching) in Master Wu's running style calligraphy captures the essence of each card, with a full English translation found on the back.

The cards are left blank inside for your personal message.

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