Master Zhongxian Wu & Chinese calligraphy

Traditional Chinese calligraphy is a form of Qigong - it is movement within the brush and painting with the breath. 

When we create a piece of art in the traditional style, it is essential to utilize the same three elements found in all traditional Qigong forms - correct posture, breathing and visualization techniques.

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is an ancient art form and elegant practice of spiritual cultivation. It holds its roots in the Chinese shamanic tradition.  This art form provides a means to understand classical Chinese philosophy, traditional Chinese medicine, and energetic healing principles.

For thousands of years,  Chinese shamans (Wu 巫) have used the calligraphy brush to create special energetic calligraphy symbols called Fu 符.  These Fu are a means to access universal Qi and can be used for healing and creating harmonious Fengshui energy. We still use Fu as a tool for cultivating the inner knowledge that leads to an understanding of the Great Dao.

As Chinese characters carry the nature of calligraphy, you may find it interesting to read the article, The Way of the Universe, in order to learn more about the Chinese characters themselves. Also, you may like to read about the function of calligraphy in the article, The Power of Symbol.

Master Wu is pleased to offer talisman calligraphy scrolls for purchase.  He uses the traditions of the ancient Chinese healing arts to energize the characters in his calligraphy.  Each symbol is enlivened or 'charged' with a direct infusion of the Qi he has developed through decades of internal cultivation.  If you are interested in a scroll in The Gallery or would like to make a custom symbol request, please contact Master Wu.

Calligraphy as Cultivation