Master Wu XinYi China trip

In 2011, Master Wu brought a select group of students to train Dai Family XinYi internal martial arts with him and his master, Grandmaster Zhou ShouRong 赵守荣.

China Trip

A Cultivation Journey into Chinese Wisdom Traditions

Master Wu's Internal Alchemy China Trips are for those who are seeking a spiritual adventure and personal transformation. Together, a small group will travel to China, the motherland of these ancient wisdom traditions, to practice Internal Alchemy Qigong (including sitting, standing and sleeping meditation) and internal martial arts. 

Being on sacred and native soil will help us deeply connect to the ancestral Qi while we experience the spirit of China and view its spectacular scenery.  We will get a taste of China’s ancient and modern cultures, visit sacred Daoist sites, and feast on Chinese local cuisines and home-style dishes. 

Please note that all students who have attended at least one residential workshop with Master Wu are welcomed to join us on our China trips.