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Three Treasures - $20.00

Three Treasures

In this instructional audio CD, Master Zhongxian Wu synthesizes wisdom and experience in sharing about the Three Treasures - your own greatest medicines. This CD may be used to enhance your spiritual connection and aid in the healing process, enhancing your meditation, Qigong, Taiji, Yoga, and/or Reiki practice, and to create harmonious energy in your life.


  1. Listening to this CD as a healing session

  2. Fundamental of Qigong and its Medicines

    1. Three Treasures of the Body

    2. The Best Medicines

    3. The Secret of Healing

  3. The Ritual of the Heart - Shaking

  4. Chinese Shamanic Chanting and Music for Healing

    1. Puan Zhou 庵咒 - the Mantra of Puan

      1. It is said that Master Puan cultivated a very high level of spiritual energy and his energy could bring good luck and protection to those who listen to his mantra.

    2. Beidou XinZhou 北斗心咒 - the Heart Mantra of the Big Dipper
      1. The Big Dipper is the heart of the celestial world according to Chinese shamanic tradition. By connecting with the energies of the Big Dipper through this chant, we may strengthen our life energy, release disease and bring harmonious Qi into our lives.

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