Master Wu Sleeping Qigong

  Qigong is a way of life

Master the spirit of SiWeiYi 四威儀 (Four Sacred Rituals) and you can practice Qigong anywhere and at anytime.


Master Wu - Sleeping Qigong on a 1,500 year old oak tree.

ZhanZuoXingWo 站坐行臥

The fundamental principle of traditional Qigong is to follow the way of nature. Accordingly, we emphasize four postures, ZhanZuoXingWo 站坐行臥, which are also known as SiWeiYi 四威儀 (Four Sacred Rituals), to model the four seasons in our daily practice. 

The rhythms of the four seasons are found in time (in hourly, daily, monthly and yearly cycles) and in space (specifically throughout the organ systems and meridians of your body).

  • Zhan is the standing posture, representing spring
  • Zuo is the sitting posture, symbolizing autumn
  • Xingis the walking posture, embodying summer
  • Wo is the lying posture, standing for winter

Qigong is a way of life.  Once you mastered the spirit of SiWeiYi, you can practice Qigong anywhere and at anytime.